Our mission is to inspire, connect and cultivate a community of purpose. By targeting our resources and bringing together like-minded partners, we’re deeply rooted in supporting sustainable solutions to benefit communities, the next generation and our planet.

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Community Enhancement

All of us on some level have a need to connect with one another, nature and the places we call home. Find out how this multi-year initiative is bringing people together to create gardens and greenspaces that are transforming 1,000 school grounds, neighborhoods and communities, as well as those who live there.

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Environment Improvement

The beauty and resources of the Earth should be appreciated now and preserved for generations to come. Discover how a variety of stewardship initiatives are underway to protect our shared natural resources, particularly water and natural habitats. Helping waterways remain safe from harmful algal blooms, creating resiliency to drought conditions and stemming the loss of key pollinator species contribute to making our backyards and communities more beautiful, bountiful, and in tune with nature.

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Youth Empowerment

For some young people, their dreams seem out of reach – not because of a lack of potential but rather because of socioeconomic realities. This initiative provides mentoring, educational and empowerment opportunities to at-risk students who have the gritty determination to achieve more but need a leg up as they strive to chart a new course for their future.

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