Our world-class R&D facilities

We have industry leading scientists and state-of-the-art facilities, all dedicated to creating products you can rely on.

Transforming discoveries into solutions

Today’s gardeners and growers are caring for an endless variety of environments. Our R&D team is committed to providing innovative product solutions so others can make the most of their own piece of the Earth, no matter where that is. With more than 100 on-staff research scientists, specialists and engineers, as well as partnerships with leading academic institutions, we transform scientific discovery into effective and enjoyable product solutions for homes, lawns, gardens and plants.

Our greenhouses

Fruit and vegetable plants, trees and shrubs, turf and ornamentals are all studied here by our scientists in climate-controlled greenhouses that simulate virtually any light, temperature and humidity combination in the world. Our ability to test products in nearly any backyard climate lets us deliver the best soils, plant foods and lawn foods for your yard and garden.

The Collaboratory

Our technical experts in agronomy, chemistry, biology, engineering, packaging engineering and other disciplines collaborate in Marysville, Ohio, to make the lawn and gardening experience more successful, safe and easy. A digital sketch pad, 3-D modeling, 3-D printer and fabrication allow us to take a verbal concept to an actual physical sample in-house in order to evaluate and refine customized design solutions.

The Formulation Barn

Analytics and engineering all meet in this innovative space dubbed “The Formulation Barn” which houses laboratories where lawn food, plant food and indoor and outdoor pest control formulations are created and tested. This research, alongside 3-D applicator design and package prototyping, allows our team to develop new product formulas and packaging or to devise better ways to use and store lawn, garden and pest control solutions.