Our workplace culture

Our culture and commitment to our associates sets our company apart. We strive to create an environment that values the health, safety and wellness of our associates, and we work to equip them with the knowledge and skills to serve our business and develop in their careers.

Working together toward common goals

Embedded in our culture is a sense of family. It manifests itself in the way we take care of our associates. It comes to life in the decisions we make. It guides our cultural attributes.

How we grow

We introduce new ideas and use creative thinking to bring solutions. Change is an opportunity to grow.

We each have an entrepreneurial spirit, and we’re not afraid to take risks. We fully commit to what we do.

We resist the urge to “know it all” and seek to understand. We value diversity in the thoughts and opinions of others.

Who we are

We’re dependable. We look out for each other and provide support.

We’re accountable. We own results and continuously improve.

We collaborate with each other and work towards mutual solutions.

We’re empowered to move forward with courage and conviction.

We’re flexible. We accept challenges and react quickly to change.

How we act

We're passionate about what we do. We enjoy it so much that we share it with our family and friends.

We make ethical choices and choose to do the right thing for each other, our communities and our consumers.

We're respectful and stand up for others.