Product Stewardship & Safety

Values-driven product innovation

Investing in product development and research and development (R&D) strengthens our position with retailers and builds trust and support from the consumer. Comprising more than 100 on-staff research scientists, specialists and engineers, as well as collaborations with leading academic institutions, our world-class R&D team is committed to providing innovative product solutions. In pursuit of that goal, we leverage scientific expertise from leading providers of natural and organic technologies, plant breeders and agricultural companies. 

A cross-functional team of R&D scientists and engineers contribute to our sustainability strategy by integrating the following priorities:

Active ingredients

We regularly review our active ingredients to balance our priorities of safety, efficacy and environmental impact. We reference well-recognized industry and scientific standards to guide our assessment of potential hazards and their severity.

Material sourcing

When identifying raw materials for use in our products, we consider the potential risks and opportunities associated with each material source. Our goal is to increase the use of recycled, bio-based and/or sustainably sourced materials.

Product design

We use life-cycle assessment tools to evaluate opportunities to introduce more sustainable products and components, mitigate environmental impacts, optimize existing products and spur innovation in new product design. 

Packaging sustainability

Throughout the product development process, including product packaging design, we seek to maximize sustainably sourced content, eliminate unnecessary or harmful material and promote recovery, recycling and reuse.

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